Holistic Nutrition Intro

At Orah, we believe in a whole body approach to health. To feel our best, we must understand that each individual has specific needs according to their own body chemistry, environment, and lifestyle. That is why adding nutritional guidance is the perfect final step to your whole body experience at Orah.

Holistic Nutrition is used for guiding each individual uniquely and providing a consultation based on a personalized assessment and symptomatology. During your consultation, we will help to determine underlying causes of health care concerns such as internal toxicity, malnutrition, environment and emotional state. You will then recieve recommendations based on this assessment to meet your unique nutritional needs. This will help to build a plan using specific foods to your needs, supplementation recommendations as well as lifestyle and environmental changes suited to your style of living.

Holistic Nutrition is perfect for our guests looking to

  • increase energy or balance energy throughout the day
  • feel confident in the skin they’re in
  • improve digestion and relief from discomfort
  • lose weight with lasting results
  • manage food cravings/food disorders
  • cut out processed and refined foods and introduce a whole foods diet
  • improve mood
  • sleep better
  • improve skin tone and texture
  • strengthen the immune system
  • balance blood sugar

Add a holistic health approach to your life to feel whole and balanced on the inside while feeling radiant and confident on the outside.

Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Katy Holmes, is also a licensed skin care therapist. Ask for Nutritional Skin Health or an Ayurvedic face mapping add-on to bring your skin care goals to a new level, helping you glow from the inside out.

Katy Holmes - registered Holistic nutritionist at Orah Spa Salon in Kelowna
Citrus used as part of Holistic Nutrition at Orah Spa + Salon in Kelowna