What is Microblading?
Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement. Pigment is drawn into the upper layer of the skin using a row of tiny, sterile needles on a disposable hand tool. This mimics the look of natural hair strokes to enhance or flatter your natural brow shape

How long does it last?
Microblading will last approximately 1-2 years. The amount of time it will last depends on varying factors such as skin type, age and some lifestyle factors.

Does it hurt?
A topical anesthetic is applied before and during the procedure to help alleviate or eliminate any discomfort. Having the procedure performed during or close to your menstrual cycle can increase pain. If you are a heavy smoker the numbing cream will not last as long.

How many treatments are needed?
For most clients, a minimum of 2 procedures are needed. Brows are not considered complete until at least 1 touch up, which happens no sooner than 6 weeks after your initial procedure.

How will I look immediately after the procedure?
Brows will be more intense and dark for the first few days. This will lighten throughout the healing process. Redness and swelling is minimal

What is the aftercare for the procedure?
Please see the detailed aftercare on our handout if needed. Basic aftercare instructions for the first 10-14 days of the healing process can be found in the sidebar →


Microblading Consultation –  30 min   no charge

Microblading – Includes consultation, brow shaping, mapping, microblading and shading if needed.  
2hrs   450

Microblading Touch up – This procedure is performed 6 – 8 weeks after your initial visit.
60 min   100

Microblading Refresh – Keep your brows looking perfect with this re-touch service performed 6 months to 2 years after initial procedure. ( re-touch on other artists work may vary in price)

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Microblading service available at Orah Spa Salon in Kelowna

A consult is recommended to go over any questions or concerns prior to procedure day – this can also be done the day of.

Avoid use of Retin-A, Vitamin C or AHA creams at least 3 days prior as well as any blood thinning medications including fish oils, vitamin E, aspirin and ibuprofen.
 Avoid tanning 30 days before and after (if possible) to avoid burns.

Zensa skin care used in microblading at Orah Spa Salon in Kelowna

Getting your brows wet– pools, saunas, jacuzzis
Excess sweating
Sun exposure


Use aftercare balm 2-3 times daily
Keep your brows away from water
Blot your eyebrows, not rub
Admire your new brows!